Leelila Strogov, Director

Leelila Strogov is an investigative journalist, writer, editor and entrepreneur. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Someone Good Will Find You is her debut film.     Leelila Strogov, Director  


Jessica Kingdon, Producer

Jessica Kingdon is a producer/director with a background in narrative, documentary, and experimental work. Her short films have been screened in NYC and internationally. Jessica is currently working on her documentary "Commodity City" which went through the UnionDocs intensive labs. She is an active member of the Brooklyn Filmmaker's Collective.




Aharon Rothschild, Director of Photography

Aharon Rothschild began shooting news in Israel and continued as a photojournalist and photo editor in New York City. After moving to India, he had several exhibitions of his fine art photography in India, before working as director of photography on his first feature, Khwaabb (2014 Dir. Zaid Khan). Khwaabb received a wide release in theaters in India, and garnered attention for its realistic lighting and kinetic camera movement.  Whether shooting commercial or narrative work, Aharon's approach is to put story first.  He collaborates closely with the director to build movement into the image, and his lighting style has been described as beautiful and spare.   Aharon Rothschild, Director of Photography  



Mark Tickell, Editor

Mark Tickell is an Emmy award winning editor/producer. Originally hailing from the UK, he settled in the USA. As an avid meditator and meditation coach, he brings a connected inspiration to all his work. Mark currently works for Fox and CBS in Los Angeles.   Mark Tickell, Editor  



Raúl Santos, Editor

Raúl Santos is an award-winning screenwriter and film director, obsessed with water, love and whales. His first feature film, 'The Rock', about the love and hate relationship between Spain and Gibraltar, won the Golden Award for Best European Documentary at SEFF'11. Raúl Santos currently lives in Brooklyn, where he is an active member of the Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective and the National Writers Union. The New York Times mentioned him as "one of Spain's rising directors".   Raúl Santos, Editor